• Welcome to the Astronomical Society of Kansas City

    The purpose of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City (ASKC) is to provide a
    community to support education and outreach to the Greater Kansas City area,
    observing events and research opportunities for members and guests, and
    resources for all interested in astronomy and allied sciences.
    Since the 1930s, the ASKC has grown from a small group to one of the largest
    astronomical societies in the country, with nearly 400 members. Although
    there are a few professional astronomers among us, most members are
    amateur astronomers from widely diverse backgrounds with a unifying
    interest in observing and discovering more about our universe.
  • Let ASKC show you the stars

    The Astronomical Society of Kansas City hosts many public and private
    educational and observing events throughout the year. Find out about
    the latest ASKC news, events and merchandise, as well as what's in
    the sky this month.
  • Become an ASKC Member

    Members enjoy many benefits, such as extended access to one of the
    largest telescopes in the Midwest, a private dark sky site for
    observing and camping, loaner telescopes, members-only stargazing
    events and more. Becoming a member is a great way to build or
    expand your knowledge of astronomy and connect with a group of
    fellow astronomy lovers.
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